Resistance is futile

Many years ago, as a young and enthusiastic explorer in the inner realms of thought and emotion, I thought resistance was a ‘bad’ thing. That when a client brought resistance in to the therapy room it somehow had to be got out of the way for any meaningful progress to take place. ‘There is noContinue reading “Resistance is futile”

Can you trust the void?

Autumn is well and truly here! As I look out of the window I can see the leaves littering the garden – nature’s waste is so amazing – all the goodness from those rotting leaves goes straight back in to nurturing the very trees they have been falling from. It’s a beautiful reminder of howContinue reading “Can you trust the void?”

Cauliflower seeds

If you want to grow cauliflowers, make sure you plant cauliflower seeds! It sounds obvious, but it applies to humans as well! If you want to be happy, really investigate what happiness comes from, where it lives inside you, what triggers the feelings of contentment, or satisfaction, or fulfilment. Spend time getting to know yourselfContinue reading “Cauliflower seeds”

the art of staying awake

Who are you without the story of you? Without listening to the mind’s incessant chatter and opinion? What will you discover if you listen to the shape of your hand as it rests in your lap, or the weight of your body as it touches the chair beneath you? Become curious about what you findContinue reading “the art of staying awake”