Autumn falls

It’s amazing how beautiful the trees become in autumn – catching sight of a blaze of colour from the car window or walking in the woods always brings me joy and inspiration.

And they always remind me of the quiet cycles of nature, which wrap themselves around us every minute of every day, always bringing us back to the present and reality – after the harvest there is a fall; after the summer, a winter; after night, there is day.

Sometimes I think about what trees would be like if they had human characteristics; the oak would be looking down on the smaller rowan, feeling that it was somehow ‘better’ because it had a bigger trunk; the beech would be painting on coloured leaves to try and make itself look prettier through the winter; the willows would be weeping and wailing at the loss of all of that beautiful greenery, trying to hang on to those leaves for dear life!

Wouldn’t it be lovely if we could be like the trees – celebrate whatever season we are in. And when we find ourselves in a winter of loss or hardship, rest and recover, stay still and silent, not pushing against the energy of the natural world, finding a pill or potion to miraculously grow new leaves in January, but embracing this new phase of life, knowing it will lead naturally to the next without needing to push or strain.

If you were a tree, how would you want to celebrate your autumn?

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