Counselling in a nutshell

Midway along our road of life I woke to find myself standing alone in a dark wood. Dante Alighieri

Face to face Counselling

Let’s face it, life can be really tough sometimes…

  • Maybe you feel like no is really listening, or feel alone, even when family and friends are around
  • Maybe you look like you’re successful on the outside, but on the inside feel like something is missing.
  • Maybe you feel overwhelmed or find yourself repeating unhelpful patterns from the past
  • Maybe you suffer from anxiety or depression or have lost something, or someone, who was precious to you.
  • Maybe you’re angry, lost or confused, and feel things will never change; or want things to change but don’t know how to make it happen
  • Maybe you feel disconnected from a sense of meaning – so what is life all about…?

At our first meeting it’s normal for you to be nervous – it’s a brave decision to sit in front of someone you don’t know and ask for help or talk about details of your life, and I have immense respect for anyone who takes that first step.  We’ll take some time getting a feel for each other as people, and whether we want to work together. I’ll spend time finding out more about you and what you want to achieve from counselling. If I feel I can’t help I can refer you on to someone who can.  It’s important we both get the sense that we can work with each other. We’ll then look at planning an initial number of sessions with reviews built in. Clients usually start sessions regularly, ideally every week, although I work to accommodate your individual circumstances.

You’ll also have a written record of what we’ve agreed to take away with you.

I weave together three different therapeutic ways of working – Gestalt, Transactional Analysis and Person Centred – to help meet your unique needs.  I can also draw from hypnotherapy, relaxation and visualisation skills, motivation and coaching to support you.  Everything we do we decide together – so you are not ‘done to’.

Walking talking therapy

If the idea of sitting for an hour doesn’t appeal then I offer Walking Talking therapy, where clients can explore what is going on for them in the open air and on the move.

On line counselling (Teams or Zoom)

This can work really well if you feel you will struggle to take the time out of a busy schedule or travel to a counselling appointment. Sessions can be scheduled to fit in with you, and mean you can access support instead of being left alone with an issue and having no one to talk things through with. There are no travel costs and you can work from the comfort of your own home or safe space.

Training and development

I also offer workshops on self-development,  bereavement, communications, and Tender Loving Care – gentle skills to support the dying.

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