Cauliflower seeds

If you want to grow cauliflowers, make sure you plant cauliflower seeds!

It sounds obvious, but it applies to humans as well! If you want to be happy, really investigate what happiness comes from, where it lives inside you, what triggers the feelings of contentment, or satisfaction, or fulfilment. Spend time getting to know yourself as a human being, and also investigating the human condition so you are aware of what you need to really connect to your sense of happiness, as well as what you can see as impersonal, just happening because we are human.

The more we focus on those big juicy words the more we explore what they mean for us as individuals, and can have a chance to find places where happiness can grow in our hearts, ourselves, our connections to others and the wider world.

Ultimately, focusing on what we want allows us to set a course for that place – it’s a bit like setting sail in a ship with a map, which allows the captain to set a course and then steer in that direction, as opposed to just going around in circles.

The challenge for us as humans is to spend time listening to our own hearts so we don’t get pushed off course by the ‘easy’ messages portrayed in the media which could lead us to believe that happiness comes in a bottle, or a little pill, or a life on a sunbed in the sunshine, or making easy choices ‘to keep the peace’ or ‘not rock the boat’.

When I planted cauliflowers in my allotment – that’s what I got!

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